Why choose JTandA for your SETA accreditation?

Jeanine Topping was contracted to the Service SETA as an Auditor/Verifier and has brought together her passion and 10 years of expertise in the field to assist companies with the SETA Accreditation process. Together with her personally trained consultants and administrators JTandA ensures that the SETA Accreditaion process is stress free and guaranteed.

JTandA have been assisting training providers with their SETA Accreditation since May 2010 and have successfully assisted more than 400 National Training Providers with their SETA accreditation with the 21 various SETAS’.

Each client at Jeanine Topping and Associates is allocated a full time administrator who will assist and guide you through the entire SETA accreditation process. JTandA will handle all of the heavy work including all correspondence with the SETA’s, filing, setting up site visits and monitoring visits.

  • We value our reputation in the industry and we want our clients to proceed as quality focused Accredited Training Providers.
  • We offer back up support services to our clients through monthly retainers.
  • We are available to our clients to assist them in continuing to grow their business, extending beyond that of the SETA accreditation process. We do this by applying for additional programmes with the client’s primary SETA or with other SETA’s.
  • We build relationships with our clients and enjoy the journey together.
  • We have an in-house facilitator who trains clients one-on-one, or in groups, for the Assessor, Moderator and Facilitator courses.


We prefer personal one-on-one meetings with our clients to explain how we work, give you a personalised quotation as we guide you, and ensure a long-term business relationship. We take your business goals very seriously and therefore we provide you with a tailor-made package to suit your needs.