Get SETA accredited – our USP’s and Guarantee

Five reasons to use JTandA to get SETA accredited

Business relationships – We will build a lifetime relationship, together, be a friend to your business and show you how becoming SETA accredited can grow your business.

Compliance – We are big on compliance and will make sure your business is 100% compliant as per SETA accreditation requirements too.

Administrative support – Our systems are designed to provide you with customised, timeous and meaningful reports; once a month you will receive a report from us on the progress of your application.

We are approachable and communicate frankly – We go the extra mile to educate you on the SETA accreditation process thus helping you make better business decisions.

Owned and managed by Jeanine Topping – an entrepreneur who has spent over 30 years in business as an employee, employer, assessor, moderator and property investor and is a committee member of the Association for Skills Development in South Africa. Jeanine is passionate about empowering Training Providers to provide professional training, and thereby improving our country’s skills set.

Our Guarantee

· … you will receive your SETA Accreditation,

· … if the SETA declines your accreditation we will find out why and help you resolve all issues identified in the remediation report

· … even when the SETAs have backlogs and change their systems we will continue to help you,

· … our staff are doing continuous professional development – we keep up to date with regulatory and statutory changes so that you don’t have to.