Our Vision, Mission and Values during the SETA accreditation process


Our vision is to raise the standards of South Africa’s training industry by ensuring that we become the preferred SETA accreditation partner of all training providers.


Jeanine Topping and Associates is a team of committed, positive and determined people who are always striving to assist our clients in an honest, professional manner. We will educate our team with the latest SETA accreditation knowledge to ensure that the products and service we offer will be of the highest quality, value for money and whether sourced from within the company or externally will always add the most value and use the latest and most effective methodologies available.

We will never lose focus of our passion to empower training providers to perform at their best by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to attain and retain their SETA accreditation.


  • Trustworthiness – we will supply our clients with the service that they require
  • Team Work – we have a strong, skilled team that will assist our clients achieve their purpose
  • Responsibility – we will be responsible in all our dealings with our clients and the SETA’s
  • Dependability – we will do what we say we are going to do
  • Excellence – we will implement all our work in an excellent manner
  • Professionalism – we will be professional at all times when dealing with all Stakeholders
  • Quality – we will reach our Mission and Vision by ensuring all our actions are quality driven
  • Thoroughness – we will be thorough in all our actions to ensure our clients are given the best service
  • Customer Service – our customers are our core focus – we will ensure the highest levels of Customer Services at all times
  • Determination – we will be determined to succeed when faced with the numerous challenges of dealing with SETA’s
  • Enthusiasm – all our actions will be completed with enthusiasm towards the bigger goal
  • Perseverance – we will persevere with the process, even when we are faced with changes from the SETA’s.