It Is Your Accreditation After All

It Is Your Accreditation After All

At JTandA, our vision is to raise the standards of Training Providers in South Africa. How we believe we stand out, is by capacity building Skills Development Providers (SDPs) on not only attaining but also retaining their Accreditation.

We are privileged enough to be in a position whereby we work with SDPs who have the most amazing mission and vision statements, spoken with such passion and pride, that we become excited to transfer our knowledge in order to assist SDPs in achieving their vision.

The capacity to learn; however, is based on a willingness to learn and it is not uncommon for us to hear “I am too busy to attend the capacity building workshops”.

So, before your diary fills up, consider three reasons why you should prioritise preparing for your SETA/QCTO site visit by attending our capacity building workshops:

  1. Your Quality Management System (QMS) is a set of policies, processes and procedures developed based on the legislation, regulations and principles of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).During your SETA/QCTO site visit, the verifier will ask you about your policies and procedures in order to ensure that you know and understand what is expected from you as an Accredited SDP. Should you find yourself in the position that you are unable to answer questions about your policies, processes and procedures, simply stating “I got my QMS from JTandA” will not suffice.
  2. The Footer of every page of your QMS states that your policies, processes and procedures are created by the Director of your company.Furthermore, your QMS has a Declaration of Intent signed off by your Director stating that they “agree to abide by following all Policies and Procedures to retain accreditation with the necessary Educational Institutions”.
  3. Your Quality Policy lists the Director of your Company as being responsible for promoting a Quality Culture within your company.This means that your Director will allocate responsibilities for ensuring the effective implementation of any procedures. We, at JTandA, are only listed as your professional advisor in your QMS, this means our role is to give advice and guidance. The Director’s role is to oversee that all the training, assessing and moderating functions are carried out efficiently.

We think that the decision to attend our capacity building workshops is a no-brainer – there is of course no additional cost to our Accreditation clients.

But hey… it is your Accreditation after all!

Convinced? Email to book your seat.

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