How we can help you..

Come and meet us and tell us about your business for a once off consultation, with no obligation.

We will advise you on how we can assist you in preparing the documentation in order to become accredited, as well as the cost involved, and the steps you need to take.  

To assist us in the process we would appreciate your completing our Accreditation Requirement Checklist – remember to print and bring it with you to your consultation if possible.

Accreditation Requirement Checklist

Legal Documents

CIPRO Documents
Business Plan
Tax Clearance

Annual Financial Statements
Accounting / Bookkeeper
Public Liability Certificate

Training Venue

Existing Training Centre
Train at Client Premises
Train at Conference Centre
Occupational Health & Safety Certificate
Admin Office

Assessment & Moderation Process

Facilitators, Trainers, Assessors/Moderators

Existing Staff
SETA Accredited Assessors/Moderators

Training Material

Training Pack (LG/FG/AG/MG/POE)

Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Administration Skills