Why get SETA Accredited?

When you are SETA Accredited, you offer training that is recognised by an ETQA (Education Training Quality Assurance Body) – which means you offer quality outcomes-based training. This training is practical and both you and your learners can use this knowledge in the workplace.

What does being an Accredited Training Provider mean?

“Accreditation” is the certification of a provider for a particular period of time to deliver training on Qualifications and part Qualifications/ or Unit Standards registered on the NQF.

Training Providers can apply to deliver training, conduct assessments or to do both. All providers that apply for accreditation will go through a process of site evaluation and program evaluation to ensure that training and assessments are aligned with the relevant qualifications and Unit Standards (MICT SETA).

You, as a Training Provider, are able to award credits to your learners towards a Qualification.

For the SMME Training Providers who offers short courses/workshops, this is an ideal opportunity to develop your reputation as an Accredited Provider.

Most organisation are requiring Training Providers to be registered in order to be able to claim back their Skills Development Levies.

Making sense of SETA Accreditation

The SETA Accreditation process is a worthwhile and a beneficial process for your company and your training programme.

We offer various courses (for business owners and administration staff) whereby we give you relevant and applicable information so you can sensibly apply the structures and opportunities to your situation and business.

Small groups enable us to address individual needs and scenarios, and you leave equipped with all the information and tools required to accurately complete the accreditation process with us.