Staying connected to your SETA requirements

Staying connected to your SETA requirements

Like any business owner, you are often juggling many different roles and staying connected to your SETA’s (Sector Education and Training Authority) specific requirements may seem like an arduous task. As Skills Development Providers (SDPs), more often than not, we train externally and overlook capacity building ourselves, as well as, our internal employees to ensure we retain our Accreditation.

At JTandA, we regularly discuss with our SDPs the importance of moving away from a “generic” perception of Accredited Training and SETA requirements, to a conscious recognition that every SETA has different requirements, and whilst you may follow the 4 Phases of Training, you may still be putting your Accreditation at risk.

Here are 3 ways you may be putting your SETA Accreditation at risk without even realising it:

  1. Use of your SETA Logo: Skills Development Providers (SDPs) are entitled to use the SETA logo which displays their accreditation number on their marketing material, website, company letterheads, stationery and training material; however, we often neglect to contact our SETA prior to using their logo to request permission to do so.
  2. Re-Accreditation priory to our Accreditation expiry date: Skills Development Providers (SDPs)are often under the assumption that their Accreditation will automatically be renewed after the expiry date. Some SETAs require SDPs to apply for Re-Accreditation as much as 3- or 6-months prior to the expiration date. Furthermore, some SETAs have specific requirements that need to be met in order for them to extend the Accreditation period.
  3. Training Intent Forms: some SETAs require Skills Development Providers to notify them prior to training taking place. Often, SDPs will jump straight into facilitation without checking the process their SETA requires them to follow first.

At JTandA we keep our finger on the pulse of SETA requirements and changes.

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